Seasonal Gardening

Spring Tower Gardening

For those who experienced a cold winter, spring is the perfect time to take advantage of the elements and let nature do its thing. The warmer weather, longer days, and stronger sunlight help Tower Garden crops thrive.

We’ve created a simple guide to help you get the most out of spring Tower Gardening.

How to Grow Your Own Spring Garden

Excited to start your spring garden? Follow these five steps, and you’ll be harvesting your own greens in no time.

Plan Your Garden

Before starting any new garden, regardless of the season, it’s best to have a plan. A solid spring garden plan considers overlapping factors like Tower Garden location, plant arrangement, and what you actually like to eat. (See our Tower Garden planning guide for more information.)

Both Tower Garden HOME and Tower Garden FLEX can be placed indoors or outdoors, but during growing-friendly seasons, we recommend going outside if possible to take advantage of the great growing conditions. Make sure to choose a spot that gets consistent sunlight throughout the day, staying away from overly shaded areas.

Tower Tip: Need to move your Tower Garden midseason? Tower Garden HOME has built-in wheels, and our dolly accessory makes transporting a breeze for FLEX gardeners.

Check Your Growing Supplies

Each Tower Garden comes with everything you’ll need to get started, including a seedling starter kit. If you’re out of seeds or want to try new growing new plants, there are plenty of seed suppliers who provide affordable seeds that are perfect for Tower Garden.

Running low on other essentials like Mineral Blend or net pots? Check out the Tower Garden shop for everything you might need.

Clean Your Tower Garden (If It’s Not New)

Spring cleaning is sometimes needed for our gardens just as much as our homes. If your garden hasn’t had a deep clean in a while or between growing seasons, give it some TLC before you start your spring garden. Check out this step-by-step guide to cleaning your Tower Garden.

Plant Your Spring Crops

Once you’ve planned the perfect garden, gathered your supplies, and given your Tower Garden a good cleaning, it’s time to get planting!

If you’re starting with seeds, follow these tips to germinate them successfully. When your seedlings grow to about 2" (5.1 cm) tall and have roots protruding from the rockwool, you can plug them into your Tower Garden.

Starting with seedlings from a Tower Garden Certified Seedling provider? You can plant those right away.

10 Crops That Thrive in the Spring

While spring is a popular time for gardening, if you’re growing outdoors it’s important to note that not all crops have an equal appreciation of spring conditions. Fortunately, there are plenty of cool-weather crops that will keep you busy all season long. Take a look at 10 of our favorite spring season crops, along with their duration time to harvest. Some of the following crops may also thrive indoors with grow lights!

  • Broccoli - 80 days
  • Cabbage - 90 days
  • Cauliflower - 90 days
  • Collard greens* - 60 days( alternatively, leafy greens can be harvested in 1/3 of this time)
  • Kale* - 25 days
  • Lettuce* - 30 days
  • Mustard greens* - 40 days
  • Peas - 55 days
  • Spinach* - 40 days
  • Swiss chard* - 45 days

*Can be grown indoors with grow lights. 

You’ll probably notice a few superfoods on this list. Spring is a great time to kick healthy living into overdrive. Complement all the outdoor activities you’ll be doing this season with some delicious, nutritious recipes that use produce picked straight from your garden. Looking for inspiration? Check out our Tower Garden recipe hub right here.

Monitoring Your Spring Tower Garden

Plants aren’t the only ones that love a good spring season. During the spring months, insects and plant pests tend to appear more frequently. While they’re great for the ecosystem, it’s best to take steps to keep them out of your Tower Garden crops.

Fortunately, taking care of your Tower Garden is quick, simple, and straightforward. Discover our tips for monitoring your Tower Garden.

Get Growing and Have Fun! 

As the sun starts shining and we wave goodbye to the colder temperatures, let’s make it a point to take advantage of the elements at hand. If you’re in the mood for more inspiration or want to show off your spring garden, be sure to follow us on Instagram @TowerGardenOfficial